Happy elder female using computer at home
If you have a loved one who has become ill and you find yourself in the role of instant caregiver, it can be overwhelming. Your life changes in ways you did not expect. It is important that you set up protections for both yourself and your loved one to prevent problems when emergencies arise. Here...
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Soldier with parents
Nobody wants to think of our parents or other loved ones coming to an age where they can no longer make wise decisions or care for themselves. We often think of our parents as all knowing. For many of us, our parents are the people we contact when we need advice, a safe place to...
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estate planning attorney, Estate Planning
I often meet with clients who have Wills that were drawn up 20, or more, years ago.  Usually, the clients have copies of the Will and the originals are with the attorney who drafted the Will.  Have you moved over the last 20 years? If so, did you notify the attorney who drafted your will?  […]
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