Estate Plan
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In this line of work, we often use examples to illustrate the differences in terminology. Wills, estates, living wills, powers of attorney and more are terms we use in our office all day long but these are confusing to our clients. For the purposes of this article (and many more), we will use scenarios to...
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Searching for real estate property, house or new home
Do a quick search online of “create a will” or “do it yourself will” and you will quickly find a large amount of options for you to create your own last will and testament. This is not a new thing. These have been around for a number of years. They were once only offered by...
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We often receive questions from clients about do-it-yourself wills or online wills. While there are many reasons that you should seek out the advice of a trusted and experienced estate lawyer to help create your will, here is a scenario that is far too common. As you will see, there will ultimately be two wills...
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A basis adjustment also called a step-up in basis has been a cornerstone of many estate plans throughout the years. Let us take a look at what a basis adjustment is, how it works, and some recent news about its possible demise. To begin with, the basis is a tax term and is the amount that someone...
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As with estate planning, divorce is another topic that no one wants to discuss; however, for many of us, it becomes necessary.  If you are separated from your spouse, filing for divorce, or even just contemplating it – you are going to need more than just a divorce attorney.  You need to visit with an...
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Last Will and Testament
One of the most popular questions I get is: “Why do I need an estate plan?” My general answer is, “if you love and want to prevent your family from having any complications after you pass away; then you’ll create one.” Unfortunately, there are many examples of this as Dr. Martin Luther King, Prince and former NFL...
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