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The thought of planning for your own long term care may seem strange. After all, you have a retirement fund, have created a Will and Estate plan and if you have children, hopefully they will help you as you age, right? Those still may not be enough. Here are some realistic situations you may face,...
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If you have a loved one who has become ill and you find yourself in the role of instant caregiver, it can be overwhelming. Your life changes in ways you did not expect. It is important that you set up protections for both yourself and your loved one to prevent problems when emergencies arise. Here...
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We often receive calls asking about challenging a will in NH. These calls ask if it can be done, by whom, when and whether it has to go to court for the challenge to take place. We also receive questions relating to whether a will can be challenged BEFORE a person has passed on. This...
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Life is life
It’s a tough situation and it happens more than you think. Often a parent refuses to create any type of estate plan in spite of advice to the contrary. Why does this happen? This article will discuss the reasons for this and things you can do to work with your parents if you are in...
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There are many aspects to creating an estate. One of those is the creation of the Will. The Will contains a person’s final wishes as to his or her property upon death. This includes real and personal property. Real property is the home and land. Personal property are the other items such as jewelry, home...
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Have you given any thought to the types of things you want to leave behind when you die? It’s a morbid thought and maybe you have not considered it at all. Maybe you don’t think you have anything of worth to leave to your loved ones. However, you would be surprised at how rich your...
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Nobody likes to think they will ever fight their family members over money, especially money or property that is given to them from someone else. However, the reality of the situation is that estates are challenged all the time and usually from within the family. It’s a common point of contention and it’s something that...
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Nobody wants to think of our parents or other loved ones coming to an age where they can no longer make wise decisions or care for themselves. We often think of our parents as all knowing. For many of us, our parents are the people we contact when we need advice, a safe place to...
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medicaid planning
No one wants to pay any more than they have to. That goes double for when you’re older and you’re balancing living on a budget but also have an eye towards leaving a little something for your heirs so that they’re not stuck footing the bill for your passing. Figuring out how to do both...
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