There are many aspects to creating an estate. One of those is the creation of the Will. The Will contains a person’s final wishes as to his or her property upon death. This includes real and personal property. Real property is the home and land. Personal property are the other items such as jewelry, home furnishings, and even clothing. Requirements of a Will in NH is relatively straightforward when you read the bullet point items, however, each document is unique to the person and should contain the language needed to fulfill a person’s wishes. There are some basic requirements of a Will in NH.

Written or Typed

NH requires that the document be written or typed. Oral Wills are generally not accepted unless the property value is under $100.


The person must be 18 years of age or older. The exception to this is when a person is married. A married person under the age of 18 can make a Will.


The person must be of ”sound mind”, meaning he or she has not been deemed incompetent by a legal proceeding prior to the creation of the Will.


There must be a signature by the person making the Will and two witnesses who were present during the making of the Will and the signing of one another’s signature to the Will.

These are the basic elements that will create a Will, however, there are many aspects that can cause issues after the fact and leave a Will open to a challenge. If you are considering creating your Will and Estate Plan, contact Jason at our office. He has years of experience working with clients to help with estate planning.