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Elder Law

Elder Law is an extremely unique field as it is not focused on a certain area of law but on a specific population. Jason’s practice  typically fits into one of two categories: crisis planning or pre-planning. However, an equally important area involves planning of  long-term care and the need for Medicaid.  

Jason, an elder law attorney in Massachusetts, excels in guiding seniors through the complexities of long-term care planning, with a particular focus on Medicaid eligibility and asset protection. He understands the critical importance of proactive planning in addressing the steep costs associated with nursing home care, which average around $12,623 per month for a semi-private room in Massachusetts as of 2024*. This places Massachusetts among the states with the highest nursing home costs in the country.

Jason’s commitment ensures that clients can access the care they need without jeopardizing their financial security, making informed decisions that align with their long-term care needs and financial capabilities.

*Nursing Home Stats

Crisis Planning

Crisis planning becomes necessary when someone requires immediate care or when significant gifts have been made within five years prior to needing nursing home care. Each situation is unique, reflecting the diverse circumstances of our clients. The extent of the work needed depends on whether essential documents are already in place and if there is someone authorized to help the individual requiring care. Jason is experienced in handling such crises and collaborates with the family and/or caregivers to explore suitable options for the loved one in need.

Medicaid & Long Term

Given the high financial demand and the limited number of available beds—Massachusetts nursing homes are 75.6% occupied (per —Jason’s expert guidance is essential. He educates families on the implications of Medicaid’s coverage limits and the benefits of early planning to preserve assets and secure eligibility. This is vital in a state where navigating the complexities of MassHealth can be challenging due to stringent documentation and eligibility requirements. 



Pre-planning or proactive planning is for clients who are not in crisis and have the desire and ability to make their own decisions. In pre-planning, we assist clients in estate planning and asset preservation with government and state benefit(s) eligibility in mind. Jason assists seniors in implementing plans that can go a long way toward protecting assets in case of future need for assisted living or nursing home care.

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