Author: Teri Chambers

Medicaid and Long Term Planning

Every decision about whether Medicaid benefits are available to someone starts with determining the level of care needed whether it be care at home, assisted living care or nursing home care. Once we determine the appropriate...

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When To Change A Will

Questions regarding the proper time to make changes to an existing estate plan, will, or trust are very common – and confusing. Some life events create a need for change, and some do not. How do you tell the difference?...

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Planning for Long Term Care

The thought of planning for your own long term care may seem strange. After all, you have a retirement fund, have created a Will and Estate plan and if you have children, hopefully they will help you as you age, right? Those...

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Legal Tips for Caregivers

If you have a loved one who has become ill and you find yourself in the role of instant caregiver, it can be overwhelming. Your life changes in ways you did not expect. It is important that you set up protections for both...

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The No-Contest Clause in a Will

When a loved one passes away, families often become hyper focused on who inherits specific items or who will oversee the estate. This creates major problems among loved ones and can drive families apart. It’s a common...

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